Install Rsmlx

Using Rsmlx requires to install first the Monolix Suite 2018 from here

Then you can install Rsmlx from CRAN:


or install the development version of Rsmlx from GitHub:


See the release notes for more details on the current versions of Rsmlx on CRAN and GitHub.

In order to use Rsmlx, you need to load the package and initialize the Monolix connectors, in order to be able to run Monolix from R:

initializeMlxConnectors(software = "monolix")

In some non-standard installation cases of Monolix, it may be necessary to specify the path to the installation directory of the Lixoft suite. If no path is given, the one written in the lixoft.ini file is used (usually “C:/ProgramData/Lixoft/MonolixSuite2018R1” for Windows).

initializeMlxConnectors(software = "monolix", mlxDirectory = "/path/to/MonolixSuite2018R1/")

Download the demo examples

Download the R scripts and Monolix projects used for the user guide: