User Guide

Rsmlx User Guide  –  version 5.0


Download the R scripts, Monolix projects and Mlxtran model files used for this user guide


Model building

pkpopini.R – compute initial population PK parameters

pkbuild.R – automatic PK model building

buildmlx.R – automatic statistical model building (covariate model, correlation model, error model)

buildVar.R – automatic variability model building

buildAll.R – complete automatic statistical model building

covariateSearch.R – automatic covariate model building

Model evaluation

testmlx.R – statistical tests for model assessment

confintmlx.R – compute confidence intervals for the population parameters estimated by Monolix

bootmlx.R – bootstrapping – case resampling

Monolix connectors

setSettings.R – easy tuning of the settings of a Monolix project

Monolix connectors in addition to the MlxConnectors package


readDatamlx.R – read formatted data file

whichPKmodel.R – find a Monolix PK model from the parameter names